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Life Advice From Mom: Brightbox Edition

We asked and you delivered! At Brightbox we reviewed all the life advice we had received from women in our life over the years, from one employee’s grandma gave advice about always having the right sized bra on and how to measure yourself to being kind in the face of adversity. 
We had to ask what other people had been told that has stuck with them over the years, so we took to Instagram and asked our followers to tell us one thing your mom (or other female figure) taught you in 1-2 sentences. 
The answers were overwhelming! With some sweet and thoughtful, and others funny and quirky, we had to share the answers with all of you!

“Tell us one thing your mom taught you”

  • This one's actually from my Nana: always fight for the ones you love. (She fought multiple types of cancer throughout her life & gave her absolute all to that fight to stay here with her grandbabies as long as she could)
  • This one is from my Grandma: nothing is more comforting than prayer & a home cooked meal
  • How to love people even when you don’t necessarily like them at the moment. Her patience through my rebellious teen years is something I’ll never stop being grateful for!
  • When in doubt, do without.
  • My mom has taught me that your past doesn’t have to define you. We can all bounce back from bad decisions.
  • She taught me how to do everything necessary to take care of my family. From cleaning and cooking to laundry and being thrifty, it’s all invaluable!
  • My mother taught me how to be classy but sassy! Even though I am 30, she continues to surprise me with her humor and view of life!
  • The remedy to stress/worry is to serve others🤍
  • “Go for money you can find love in the gutter”
  • Your everyday makeup should look like you aren’t wearing any. Makeup is meant to accentuate what is already beautiful. My mom basically told 13yo me to chill with the blush.
  • “You can never cut your hair in a fit of anger, over the hair nor a man.”
  • Be independent; Get your education, support yourself, & be financially stable all on your own.
  • My mom taught me that family is meant to be there and support each other. That meant everyone was at everyone's concerts/meets/games/etc. My siblings and I are uniquely close because of that.
  • My mom had MS. Every day was filled with pain for her, it was a struggle to get up and do things, but she still did... And she was able to find joy in every day.
  • How to stand tall regardless of what others think!
  • One thing my mom has taught me is to never give up, no matter how hard life gets or no matter how much stuff life throws at me to test me. She tells me to keep my head up regardless of what anyone says because there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • If it’s not going to matter 5 years from now, don’t spend more than 5 minutes stressing over it
  • Patience (still learning), organization, and how to love unconditionally. She’s my favorite person ever <3
  • “If you have the choice to be right or to be kind, choose to be kind.”
  • Moving my hips to decrease the amount of stress in my hips
  • Never buy generic Q-tips😂
  • She taught me to be kind and empathetic, to try to understand why people act the way they do in an effort to love them.
  • My Mom taught me that bravery has many different looks: fierceness, kindness, loyalty, tenderness and faith. She also taught me to always wear clean underwear.😉
  • My mom has taught me that even though people may not be the nicest person to me I can still be the bigger person and make them smile. She taught me to always be kind and make sure everyone is ok and put other before myself💓
  • This one is from my Mimi: never grow up, always be a child at heart & in spirit; enjoy life & just have fun!
  • If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything!
  • Your sister will always be your best friend!
  • Never cook bacon in the nude (don't ask, but it is sage advice!)
  • My mom taught me about forgiveness. She is 73. Overcame so much adversity. Deaf in one ear. But rocks life and forgives easily.
  • That her version of a ‘good woman’ would look different for me, and that’s okay. You don’t have to look like the women you admire to become the best version of you! That would defeat the purpose!
  • Always have a grateful heart
  • Be a duck. Let things roll off your back.
  • To know and not do, is to still not know.
  • Leftover birthday cake for breakfast is always okay. It’s healthier than donuts! (Donuts are fried and cake is not) 😉
  • When someone invites you over, always ask “what can I bring?!”
  • Be careful of fair weather friends.
  • My mom taught me kindness and to be giving. I absolutely have her heart.
  • Enjoy today because you're not guaranteed tomorrow.
  • Back in 2019 my mom was diagnosed with cancer and they had found more after her first surgery. During the whole time she would constantly remind me that you should live life to the fullest and just try to love others because you never know what’s going in other people's lives! Just be happy & grateful!
  • Have the courage to step out of what feels comfortable into what you know is right.
  • There is good in everything even if you have to look hard to find it.
  • She led by example in everything... She taught me that children are a blessing... I always knew that she cherished us, and I do my best every day to show my children the same.
  • How to be strong and never give up even when you are at your lowest you can still stand up tall.
  • My momma taught me to always look for the good in people... And to tell them. You'd be surprised how far one nice comment can go on a bad day!
  • My mom taught me the secret chocolate chip cookie recipe. It is the best!
  • A lesser woman would have died
  • Worrying pretends to be necessary! My mom has always been who I look up too. She’s my very best friend!
  • My mom taught me about service, she took more dinners to anyone I know, visited the ones that no one else could reach, and never complained. She taught through example, time, and love.
  • If something is meant for you, there’s not a devil in hell that can stop it.
  • My mom taught me to never give up no matter how hard life gets. She was widowed when I was 2 and she raised my sisters and me with seeming ease, never letting on to how hard her life was.
  • My mom taught me how to garden and the names of different flowers and plants. I have always connected with the earth and now I’m teaching my children. It’s deeply satisfying and I’m so grateful for spring!
  • My mom taught me that a tidy home can soothe the spirit. A clean home is now one of the ways I cope with anxiety.
  • To drive a stick shift! I wouldn't want to do it in traffic but if there was a zombie apocalypse and the only vehicle was a stick, I could totally escape 😉
  • You can do it perfectly by doing it yourself, or teach your kids by letting them do it wrong.

Doesn’t it get you thinking about everything you mom, grandma, aunt, girlfriend, or neighbor shared as life has gone by? I am forever grateful for the women in my life who have strengthened me when I was weak and who shared in my victories. So thank you, thank you women everywhere for simply being amazingly YOU!
Hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating the miracle that is YOU this coming Mother’s Day.


The Brightbox Team

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