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Our new store credit GIVER'S CARD is the perfect solution to make sure you've budgeted your gift fund and can send your happy mail whenever you're ready! We have found that allocating a certain amount towards gift giving helps us keep intentional thoughtfulness top of mind. 

It's not about the box.

It all started when Shea decided she wanted an affordable way to say, "I see you." Her friend had just lost her job of 15 years so she loaded her 3 kids in the car and headed to the store...

Fall got you in your feels? Us too. Seasonal Depression is on the rise as we come to shorter days, and longer periods of darkness. So what can we do to help friends or family members who are having a hard time right now?
  • 3 min read
We know the holidays can be a point of stress for anyone involved, so here are some ways to help keep the holidays merry & bright without the tears! Early planning helps alleviate unnecessary stress and helps you focus on what matter most, your family and friends.
  • 3 min read
This blog article discusses the trending phrase Sunday Scaries, which is a phrase that people use to describe the anxiety they feel preparing for the weekend to come to an end and the work week about to begin. Many employees feel stressed and don't want to work on Monday's but one of the things Brightbox does is help alleviate the stress and anxiety with employees through gift boxes.
  • 3 min read

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