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About The Team Behind The Scenes

It’s long overdue but it’s about time we introduce you to some of the people from behind the scenes!

First though, we wanted to introduce you to the reason why Brightbox is here today and why we are so focused on giving sunshine to others.

At a time when my husband was working on a startup of his own, we were living on savings and hardly had any extra to spend! I had a friend who had just lost her job of 15 years and was heartbroken.I wanted to show her I was thinking about her beyond just telling her! A trip to the store (hauling my two little kids) and a bag full of all things yellow later, I put together a fun "sunshine" box and left it on her doorstep. 

What I didn't realize was how much joy it would bring me! Knowing this simple thing made such a difference to someone I care about meant the world to me. I found myself doing this for friends and family for various reasons - from something happy, like a birthday, to devastating, like a cancer diagnosis. 

I also realized it didn't really matter what I gave.What we all want is to feel remembered. To feel loved. To feel connected to someone. They felt awesome! And so did I.

I want everyone to experience this!The JOY that comes to both people, in an easy, affordable way WITHOUT the hassle, time, and forgetfulness that keeps most of us from actually doing anything!​ So what are you waiting for? Send a smile today! ​Happily made and distributed from North Salt Lake, UT.”

-Shea Workman

The whole team at Brightbox truly believes and cares about the moment that led to the creation of Brightbox. Each team member takes special care with each box sent out every day to help in the spirit of giving

So who are these people? Well, meet the OG Bright Squad!

Hannah Berry- Marketing Director

Favorite thing to do by yourself: A candlelit bath with epsom salts scrolling through Reddit with a Red Baron pizza in the oven.

Favorite thing about Brightbox:The freedom to have a vision, create and make things happen. We have fun and brighten others' days. How much better could my job get?

McKenzi Huskinson- Director of Operations

Favorite thing to do by yourself: Make dinner, light a candle, read and take a bath

Favorite thing about Brightbox:My favorite part of Brightbox is the open work space, creative energy, and people!

Regan Pence- Social Media Manager

Favorite thing to do when you have an evening to yourself: Take a long, relaxing bath

Favorite part about Brightbox: That my whole job is encouraging people to do nice things for their loved ones!

Derek Heiner- Content Creator

Favorite thing to do when you have an evening to yourself: Play video games 

Favorite part about Brightboxes: My favorite part about working at Brightbox is the culture we have here. Everyone is so supportive of each other and it makes for a pretty chill environment but also such a fun atmosphere at the same time!

Shelby Smith- Fulfillment Lead

Favorite thing to do by yourself: I love a book with a bubble bath

Favorite thing about Brightbox:My favorite thing about Brightbox is how easy and affordable it is to brighten someone's day!

Gracie Powell- Marketing Specialist

Favorite thing to do when I have an evening to myself: Scroll through social media looking for new recipes or watching a rom-com curled up with a cozy blanket, and eating take out.

Favorite part about Brightbox: I love that I get to be a part of something that is meaningful, meaningful for customers and for myself as an employee. I love that my mental health is taken into account, and that I can express my opinion and be heard. Honestly, what’s not to love about Brightbox?!

Lindsay Hassan- Box Builder

Favorite thing to do by yourself: I love to hang out with my family! We will usually pick out a good movie and watch it all together!

Favorite thing about Brightbox:My favorite part of Brightbox is the amazing people we get to work with! I love them all so much! They make work not feel like work. Also I love how our boxes really do brighten up people’s days!

Mele Akauola- Fulfillment Associate

Favorite thing to do when I have an evening to myself: Play on my Nintendo Switch haha!  My favorite game right now is Pokemon Shield!

Favorite part about Brightbox: My favorite part is seeing everyone's reaction when I send them their own box!

Jenna Wilcox- Customer Service Representative

Favorite thing to do by yourself: I love to listen to an audio book and when I have an evening to myself

Favorite thing about Brightbox:My favorite part about Brightbox is how much we believe in our products and message to help brighten someone’s day even just a little!

Stephanie -Fulfillment Specialist

Favorite thing to do by yourself: My favorite thing is to spend time with my family playing games or just sitting on our deck together watching the sunset at night.

Favorite thing about Brightbox:I love being a part of a company that brings so much joy and happiness to other people.  I love building boxes that people personalize to fit their friends or loved ones to show them how much they are loved and thought about.  We can all use some love in our lives and know someone is thinking of us!

Nicole Fry- Box Builder

Favorite thing to do by yourself: Have adventures with my family. Or Netflix and chill.

Favorite thing about Brightbox: Making people happy. As I pack and build a box I think about the person receiving it and how it's going to make them feel :)

Of course there is also each and every one of you! Your love and support for Brightbox is felt amongst all of us. Did you know we highlight your positive feedback or posts in our weekly huddle? Yeah that’s right, YOU help brighten our days just as much as we help to brighten ours.

Thank you for sending sunshine Bright Squad :)


The Brightbox Team

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