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Brightbox: The Perfect Affordable Gift Box to Tell Someone You’re Thinking of Them

April 2020, Courtesy of Janessa Bradshaw, Owner of Everyday Reading 

Earlier this year, I did a sponsored set ofInstagram Stories with Bright Box and I don’t think I’ve ever had a product I’ve gotten more questions about. It might have something to do with the quarantine and lots of people wanting to do something kind without going to the store or the post office.
It’s also the perfect little Mother’s Day gift, if that’s on your radar in the next few weeks.
Here is howBright Box works. They have three different levels of gift boxes.
There is theCONFETTI CARD.
Brightbox Confetti Card
It’s $5 (no shipping on top of that!) and includesa beautiful 5×7 print (you can choose the perfect one), plus a little treat (you can also choose!) and plenty of confetti.
Then there is theCUSTOM BOX.
Brightbox Customizable Gift Boxes for Her
This is the most popular Bright Box product and it comes ina little 4×4 box. You canchoose a product from more than a dozen options and thetreat of your choice (a half dozen options), plus a card and a note.
They run about $10 (also no shipping on top of that), plus you can include an add on.
And then you have the (in my opinion) best one: theCURATED BOX
They are $15 and have a whole slew of fun little goodies in it. You can pick from options like The Pink Box or “The Candy Lover” or “Mom Survival” (pictured below).
Brightbox Curated Boxes for Mom
Like the CUSTOM BOX, you can choose the card and message plus an add-on.
I seriously can’t think of one person who wouldn’t be THRILLED to have one of these show up in their mailbox. Whether it’s celebrating a new baby or sending a little support during a hard time, it’s a simple and super affordable way to say “I’m thinking about you. I love you. I’m here for you.”
And you can even leave your name off if you’d like it to be anonymous.
If you tryBright Box out, I’d love to hear what you think!

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