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Five Tips to Add Work Value

You know what they say, employees leave not because of the business but because of the managers.

At  Brightbox  we understand the desire to increase employee retention rates, but are you doing all that you can to keep an employee once they've made it through the hiring process? 

  1. Invest In Their Training

​By providing quality training you give employees value to the company, a sense of purpose in something bigger than themselves. This can bring a sense of self-satisfaction and pride in their life. It also gives an opportunity for managers to establish a healthy work relationship with new hires to help them adjust to a different social atmosphere.

  1. Let Them Leave

We know this sounds counter-intuitive, but let your employees leave work. Let them keep emails to work hours, allow them opportunities to separate work life from home life. Sometimes this means giving more vacation days or paternity leave for people to reboot themselves. It's better to let an employee spend a week recharging than it is to hire a replacement!

  1. Overall Wellness

An employee's health has a significant impact on business productivity. By providing opportunities for employees to use accrued sick days, personal days, and other company resources, employees are more likely to improve their physical, emotional, and mental health. Co-worker environment is also key in employee wellness. Having two-way communication with HR or supervisors for reporting inappropriate behavior or leadership that is willing to listen and act upon concerns brought up by employees are vital. 

  1. Customize Benefits

In a world where virtually everything is customizable (your food, apps, clothing, etc.) why not create benefit packages that can be tailored to your employees needs? By providing a variety of benefit options through your business, it gives employees a broad spectrum to choose from that matches their needs. Give other allowances such as gym membership or other self-care packages that empower your employees to make the right decisions for themselves. 

  1. Show Appreciation

When company leaders, supervisors, and co-workers are willing to show appreciation for each other, it boosts company morale and brings a happier atmosphere to work life. Just by sharing a quick thank you note, or doing a quarterly gift for the hard work employees do to build business success. A happy employee is a productive employee!

We are firm believers that everyone deserves to feel appreciated no matter the occasion.

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