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Having trouble checking out?

We apologize for the confusion and hope this helps. 

Where is the checkout button? 

If you can't find the checkout button, please select "Ship to Multiple Addresses" even if you are only sending your Brightbox to one address. This will enable you to check out. 

Why did I get an email with a new order number? 

If you receive an email with a new order number after following the steps above, please disregard this. You only have one box order. 

What the heck is going on? 

We appreciate your patience while we troubleshoot the disappearing checkout button issue. Because we are a small team with limited resources, fixing things like this can take us a little longer. We appreciate the grace here! Happy Giving!

Need more help? 

Jenna, our stellar customer service representative is aware of this issue and ready to answer any questions via phone or email.


The Brightbox Team

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